3D Mapping for indoor & outdoor spaces

Quickly and accurately extract desired 2D and 3D deliverables

Scanpoint 3D provides a highly advanced service, using spatial and measurement technology solutions for as-built data capturing. From the design to the inspection stage, 3D laser scanning is an integral element of architecture, engineering and construction.

The highly accurate 3D scan data generated with a 3D laser scanner can be used to view real world information of buildings, infrastructure and industrial facilities in the digital world. This fast and efficient service allows professionals to quickly and accurately extract desired 2D and 3D deliverables.

Our Process

Capture - Process - Deliver

Scanpoint 3D at Coles
We begin by scanning the project site, using a FARO 350s 3D laser scanner to rapidly measure and map complex shapes in sharp detail. The laser scanner collects high density spatial images with millions of coordinates quickly and accurately. There is no comparison with the level of data captured with a 3D laser scanner when compared to conventional building surveying techniques.
Process 3d structural drawings - Scanpoint 3D

Once the existing conditions are captured, the scans are merged into a single three-dimensional representation of the area and post-processed into registration software packages. From there we utilize the data as a point cloud model to create traditional 2D drawings or 3D Revit models.

Extracting 2D and 3D data from point clouds is the most critical step in the laser scanning process. We deliver a 3D Revit file with rich detail and colour embedded in the 3D model to drive efficiencies and inspire potential. 3D models are ideal for architectural design.